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The Masters Educational Foundation has expanded! We have now opened our Behavioral Empowerment Center called VIBES (Varying Interventions For Emotional & Behavioral Supports) Behavior Coaching and Tutoring Lab. Our new location is in Clermont, Florida. The center is now offering group and individual sessions to address students’ Academic, Mental, Emotional and Behavioral health needs.Therefore, we are hopeful that with your financial support, we can expand to provide even more onsite support and interventions to meet the growing demands of the students in our community.

Behavior Coaching Lab

Varying Interventions for Behavior & Emotional Support (VIBES) Lab: A space to meet students' Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health needs.

 Students who are neurodivergent (learn differently) may benefit from strategies for Emotional Control, characteristics of ADHD, organization, study skills, and improved classroom behaviors.

Tutoring Lab


When deficits exist in Mental, Emotional and age-appropriate Behaviors, they very often increases academic learning gaps. 

Our tutoring services addresses these concerns while filling in those academic gaps using our positive mindset approach.  

Mindful Parenting Workshops

Weekly or monthly group classes in mindful breathing, affirmations (positive self-talk), coloring, painting, journaling, stretching & more. 

These strategies help students manage stress and anxiety and gain emotional control.

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